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Lamentations 3:55-66

Just in case we might forget
Or think our suffering unique
God has included in His Word
More than just a peek

A look into the sufferings
His people have endured
And all the times He’s come back
And helped them feel assured

Not that He would swoop in
And end their situation
(Although sometimes that’s what He did
For both individuals and nations.)

But there are many other times
The words that we now read
Were written by those for whom it seems
God didn’t intercede

It’s good for us to remember
God’s faithfulness remains
Even if the road we’re on
Doesn’t seem to change

God reveals in Jesus
A reality yet unseen
The place that helps us understand
What our reality means.

A more foundational dimension
Where God exists complete
Where Jesus is Lord over all things
And there’s no enemy to defeat.

The crazy thing about it as
We wait for such a reality to come near
The good news proclaimed by Jesus
Is that it is already here!

Will we help reveal it
Or will we get distracted?
That’s why each Sunday we remember
The resurrection He enacted

Ezekiel 36:8-15

God addresses the mountains
Not from a poetic heart
Our role within creation
Was designed from the start

That role was made imbalanced
By the entering in of sin
And so God speaks on our behalf
A new season about to begin

As God’s people return to be His
Creation is impacted
The way land and humanity worship
Has changed the way they interacted

No longer will they treat the land
As something to subdue
They worship its creator
And His honor they pursue.

As humanity returns to till the land
And sow a more fruitful seed
They find it capable of offering them
More of what they need

We are not saved by our own hands
Yet creation will be blessed
When we humbly care for her
Instead of exploiting her treasure chest

God’s plan for salvation
goes way beyond our hearts
Nevertheless we can’t forget
That is the place it starts…

1 Samuel 15:10-21

There are some bits of scripture
That can make us insecure,
Even if we’re involved in good things
And feel like we’re living pure.

Even if God called us
Forever changing our direction –
What if God regrets His call
Upon closer inspection?

What if my response
To all the Lord has entrusted
Makes Him regret to have chosen me
& if His plan I’ve busted?

But just because it’s possible
Does not mean it will start.
These aren’t questions on the radar
Of a disappointing heart.

If you’re humbly nervous
About disappointing Jesus
We’re reminded here – don’t ignore God
(Or hack a man to pieces.)

Turn away from pride,
To God only should you kneel.
Obey what He’s made clear
And live toward His Love revealed.

For there was one who pleased God
He calls us – “follow me.”
He has given us His Spirit
And from sin has set us free.

Jeremiah 2:4-13

“Examine your foundations.”
God tells the families of His people.
Stop being proud that the highest tower
In your nation is the steeple.

Appearances aren’t always great
At measuring what’s inside
God has seen through every way
Adams’ children have tried to hide

God has offered living water
We’ve been created for.
We’ve turned from Him to dig larger pits
Protesting “these will help hold more!”

Hear in these words the heart of God
Whose children have gone astray.
It’s not as simple as a child
Who chooses not to obey.

It’s an entire people
Who decide not to be alive.
Even though their father has made sure
In the promised land they’d arrive

He will not force His will on them
But on their behalf He’ll speak
And becomes His Loving Word in Flesh
Found by those who seek.

Exodus 16:1-8

Scripture is filled with stories galore
To help us be people of faith.
Testimonies of those gone before
The ways God has kept His sheep safe.

But stories are told by those holding the pens
And it’s not hard to see what that means
When given the story of what happens
We should wonder about behind the scenes

One of the greatest examples of this
We find as Gods people wandered
They hungered and thirsted for water and bread
And in hardening hearts they pondered:

“Would it have been better to die as a slave?
At least we knew we could eat!
Our value was only in making the bricks,
But at least they gave us some meat!”

They shook fists at God, angered and mad
Afraid on this path they would die
In scripture we’re told to have faith like a child
And here we discover just why

While all of the people were shaking their fists
Saying “with God in charge we’ll be dead!”
There was a girl praying, so hungry inside,
Saying, “God, what if you made it rain bread?”

Ezekiel 36:22-32

God has so much Love
We know this is true
Which is why He calls us to Love others
But there are times our faults
Go beyond mistakes
In revealing His Love to our brothers

God will not allow our hard hearts mistaken
For the presence and shape of His Love
He gives us new hearts, and not only this
A New Spirit and more than enough

More than enough to make us consider
The way we’ve revealed Him before
Do the nations that see and relate to us
Know His Holiness & Love are assured?

Or do we reveal that God is our tool
There to perform for us as we please?
The way we’ve shown God to be ours alone
Should lead us to time on our knees…

Isaiah 65:17-25

A pamphlet about New Creation
For God’s people still living in old
It may surprise some people today
No mention about streets of gold

The people of God are created
As a delight and sources of joy
No weeping shall be, nor cries of distress
And 100 years is still a young boy

His people build houses and vineyards
Able to enjoy every fruit
When we need Him near, he’ll be right here
Before His presence we recruit

The promise extends for generations
And the wolves will feed with the lambs
Together you’ll see natural enemies
Existing together in God’s plans

These are conditions we cannot muster
We cannot manufacture these things
No matter how many laws we can change
Or how beautifully our bands sing

But this is the heart of our Savior
Revealed in prophetic brochure
Unattainable for us, but not cast aside
His vision we cannot ignore

Each of us is able to join
In revealing this grand heart of His
For He later reminds us, that anyone in Christ
Old is gone, and New Creation is…

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