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1 Samuel 16:1-13

How long will we mourn what wasn’t,
When God calls us toward what could be?
Samuel feared the wrath of Saul
God continues – “Obey me.”

Samuel sacrificed along with Jesse
And seven of his sons
As each one passed God let them go
For this was not the one.

Mankind sees what’s on the outside
But the Lord looks on the heart
There was an eighth son tending sheep
Who wasn’t there from the start

It hadn’t even occurred to them
To bring David inside.
It wasn’t that they actively
Were attempting him to hide.

They had assumed the obvious
God wants to use the strong
But looking back we’re reminded
Whose strength filled David’s songs

So often we mistake meekness
For humble gentle hearts
But God pushes away our excuses
Hitching His horses to our carts

For it is in our weakness
Gods light has room to shine
If you’d assumed He’d use someone else
God whispers – “now’s the time…”

1 Samuel 15:32-34

A difficult passage of scripture
Only a few short verses long
It won’t inspire much poetry
And wouldn’t make for a song

Saul disobeyed an order
And left Agag alive
The leader of Gods enemies
Still had a chance to thrive

Agag led people against Israel
On more than one occasion
He stood in the way of God revealed
Through a called out nation

God had given a response
For all Agag represented-
In order for the world to see Gods’ Love
Agag needed to be ended

What are the things we’re allowing
That God would command to die?
What keeps the world from seeing Him
When they see you and I?

So often we allow small things
Proclaiming Jesus is still Lord
But look, here comes Samuel now
Wielding the prophets’ sword…

1 Samuel 15:22-31

Does God desire great sacrifice
From those who don’t obey?
Is a burnt offering greater
Than doing what He might say?

King Saul felt repentant
For choices that he made.
But was his heart repentant
Or was he just afraid?

Afraid of losing status
In the minds of those he rules.
Afraid of being humbled
And cast among the fools.

He seems to seek the comfort
Of having Samuel near-
Tearing the prophets’ garment
But not seeming to shed a tear.

When we come to worship
Are we seeking the presence of God?
Or have we become content to seek
An enthusiastic facade?

Saul worshiped the God of Samuel
But never took God as His own
Which is why God looks to Jesse next
For someone to fill the throne.

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