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Exodus 17:1-7

In the wilderness of Sin, we will always have a thirst
We were created to live in a promised land
No matter where we wander, or convince ourselves is true
A point comes where we begin to understand

The thirst is something we deny, we should just be content
There is a freedom in our wandering place to place
But in time, the Spirit stirs and awakes
Our desire to look full upon His face.

For a people who worshipped “Freedom” it became a need
To realize their idol could not provide
These moments were used by God to highlight His position
And bring his people out from all their pride.

For years they’d assumed everything would be just fine
If they could only break the chains that bound
But when the chains were shattered, they still had many needs
And when they looked within, no answers found.

But when they turned to God (not always pure-hearted)
He responded every time they called His name
In the middle of dry deserts, when they cried to Him
Moses struck the rock, and out the waters came.

What are the idols we’ve set high, as objects to pursue?
Be they “Freedom”, or “Success” or “Security”?
May we be reminded that none offer what we need
As beings created to reflect His purity.

Exodus 16:27-35

Forty years, with one menu
As the Israelites waited on God
They wandered through wilderness desert
While God slowly removed their facade

The false self they had been presenting
Of shifting allegiance like sands
Giving their loyalty to who has the power
Even after receiving commands

When God seemed aware, they would worship
When He seemed silent, they too
It may seem cruel, but over time
They learned patterns of what they should do.

Work together as a people for six days
On the seventh, they were to rest.
To stay in their homes, and take a moment
To thank God for how they’d been blessed.

Not busy themselves with production
Or finding their worth in their work
Today we have the same struggle
And feel our duties we’d shirk

Surely we should still be useful
We should do things, and serve with our time
But God still invites us to sabbath
To step down from the mountains we climb

Which is why we relive the forty
In whatever ways we may choose
To rediscover the moments of His presence
Where we’re invited to remove our shoes.

Numbers 21:4-9

How could they not trust, it’s easy to ask
We are quick to point and to blame
But if we allow ourselves to be humbly honest,
Remove our comfort, and we do the same.

It almost seems cruel, the Lords’ response
To the honest cries of His sheep
To send deadly serpents to hear their complaints
The price they paid seems too steep

But we see His heart, the heart of a Father
Accused of not loving His child
It’s easy to see how their accusations
His righteous anger had riled

He loves His children, provides for their needs
And knows that to trust Him means living
It’s not just about opening our hands
To receive all the gifts that He’s giving.

To look toward God in accusing distrust
Means living already in death
Denying the One in whose image we’re made
The one who within us gave breath.

It wasn’t that God sent serpents to kill
And that is the end of the story
The serpents revealed they were dying already
And to live meant returning to give Glory.

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