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2 Kings 4:18-37

Why did Gehazi run ahead
When Elisha was on the way?
It seems he’d already left
When he heard the prophet say

“Don’t walk, but run and don’t distract
It’s urgent you obey,
Place my staff on the child’s face!”
And Gehazi did not delay.

And yet, he wasn’t able
To bring the child to life
Even though he obeyed full well
He could not ease their strife

Imagine as he walked away
Seeing Elisha and woman appear
Wondering if they will ask
As they both came near

He confessed, deflatedly
“The child did not wake.”
Elisha still went to his room
And prayed for the child’s’ sake.

The methods of this revival
I’ll never understand.
Warming the boy who sneezed seven times
Was somehow in God’s plan.

But as I read the story
While my own prayers over me tower,
I pray to have Gehazi obedience
With Elisha’s Holy Spirit power.

1 Kings 17:17-24

When sickness came into the house
The mistress gave God the blame
Elijah had no desire to
See her bear such pain

He carried the boy up to his room
Perhaps a bit unsure
But certain God would hear his prayer
And know his heart was pure

He knew God was the source of life
And He was up to the task
He also knew that certain things
All you have to do is ask.

It is not a prescription for all ages
Not an equation for us today
It doesn’t mean if you stretch three times
That death will go away.

But within the mysteries of God
There are some things we know
That God is God, and death is not,
And what He says – is so.

God revealed in Jesus,
Told His disciples not to fear-
What can happen to the body,
And so it comes more clear.

The miracle of Elijah
Helping the child to revive
Pales next to God offering everyone
To be made New Creation Alive.

1 Samuel 16:1-13

How long will we mourn what wasn’t,
When God calls us toward what could be?
Samuel feared the wrath of Saul
God continues – “Obey me.”

Samuel sacrificed along with Jesse
And seven of his sons
As each one passed God let them go
For this was not the one.

Mankind sees what’s on the outside
But the Lord looks on the heart
There was an eighth son tending sheep
Who wasn’t there from the start

It hadn’t even occurred to them
To bring David inside.
It wasn’t that they actively
Were attempting him to hide.

They had assumed the obvious
God wants to use the strong
But looking back we’re reminded
Whose strength filled David’s songs

So often we mistake meekness
For humble gentle hearts
But God pushes away our excuses
Hitching His horses to our carts

For it is in our weakness
Gods light has room to shine
If you’d assumed He’d use someone else
God whispers – “now’s the time…”

1 Samuel 15:22-31

Does God desire great sacrifice
From those who don’t obey?
Is a burnt offering greater
Than doing what He might say?

King Saul felt repentant
For choices that he made.
But was his heart repentant
Or was he just afraid?

Afraid of losing status
In the minds of those he rules.
Afraid of being humbled
And cast among the fools.

He seems to seek the comfort
Of having Samuel near-
Tearing the prophets’ garment
But not seeming to shed a tear.

When we come to worship
Are we seeking the presence of God?
Or have we become content to seek
An enthusiastic facade?

Saul worshiped the God of Samuel
But never took God as His own
Which is why God looks to Jesse next
For someone to fill the throne.

Jeremiah 2:4-13

“Examine your foundations.”
God tells the families of His people.
Stop being proud that the highest tower
In your nation is the steeple.

Appearances aren’t always great
At measuring what’s inside
God has seen through every way
Adams’ children have tried to hide

God has offered living water
We’ve been created for.
We’ve turned from Him to dig larger pits
Protesting “these will help hold more!”

Hear in these words the heart of God
Whose children have gone astray.
It’s not as simple as a child
Who chooses not to obey.

It’s an entire people
Who decide not to be alive.
Even though their father has made sure
In the promised land they’d arrive

He will not force His will on them
But on their behalf He’ll speak
And becomes His Loving Word in Flesh
Found by those who seek.

Genesis 29:1-14

While Jacob was on his journey,
After having dreamed divine
Searching for a woman to marry
Where his father said he’d find

He came upon a well
Where the shepherds brought their flocks
It seemed like he had found something
In the midst of desert and the rocks

He recognized his people
The moment felt heaven sent
He kissed Rachel, & wept aloud
This is what his father had meant

When we wander on our journey
Sometimes we look around
We wonder if we are alone
As we walk on desert ground

But do not be discouraged
When you find stone-covered wells
The faithfulness of God will be
The story this moment tells

For wells can be uncovered
And you are not alone
These people are your people
And our God is on the throne.

Genesis 24:1-27

Way before there was Tinder
There were camels and rings of pure gold
Abraham wanted Isaac to marry
Because he was finally called “old”

But he didn’t want just anyone for daughter
It was important to honor the Lord
And care to shape a particular people
Shaped by God’s provision, not the sword.

A promise that many young men
Wish that God would be so on their side
To send an angel ahead of them
To help select the obvious bride.

Now we can let go of the gender
Patriarchal systems being of old
We find a quality here for bride or husband
That’s worth more than its weight in gold

Rebekah offered to serve
And give Abraham’s servant a drink
Then she offered to serve even further
Watering camels without having to think

It was in her nature to serve
A beautiful quality for a lover
For both man and woman to offer each other
The covenant to serve the other

Just as Christ served His bride
And for the Church gave His life
Such is revealed in Christ-centered love
A beacon amidst our worlds’ strife.

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