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1 Peter 2:1-3

Because you have been born again
Of imperishable Good News
It should make more of an impact than
To inspire you to shine your shoes

Rid yourself of all the things
That proclaim the old way
The elements that cause all forms
Of relationship decay

Malice, guile, and slander
Or being insincere,
All these declare envy and self
Over allowing others near

Our world wants so deeply
To know and to be known
Loving vulnerability declares
Jesus is on the throne

The living Word enfleshed as man
Completely yielded to Love
Like newborn babies crave all things
From your Father (who’s not just “above”)

The good news Jesus brought us
The Kingdom has come quite near
And as we live accordingly
We establish it as Here.

Empowered by the Spirit
Sent to us by the Son
We’ve tasted that the Lord is good
And He has made us One.

Luke 24:13-35

Lord Jesus, I pray that you’d join me
As you joined your friends on that road
That you’d help me to have your perspective
On all of the seeds that you sowed.

To have you tell all that Gods’ done
In my life, and my marriage, & fam
To have you tell all from your vantage
And try to soak up all that I can

Your wisdom and your patient mercy
Even when they hadn’t a clue
The person who walked alongside them
Wasn’t a stranger, it was you

How difficult must that have been
Or did you disguise self on purpose?
Did you make them wait to discover
Until things went below the surface?

While their hearts were burning within them
Was your heart burning as well?
As they mumbled and mourned for their Savior
Was it hard to hold back & not tell?

How often do I miss your presence
As you walk alongside me each day?
I will turn toward you breaking the bread
And attentively hear what you say…

John 20:19-31

On the first day of the week
As the sun began to set
Jesus entered the house
Though no one had unlocked it yet

Knowing they’d have fear
At such an ethereal appearance
He announces “Peace be with you.”
Giving them emotional clearance

Then he showed His hands and side
Showing He had been the one
Crucified dead, and buried
God’s one and only Son

“Receive the Holy Spirit.
For as I was sent, now you.”
Extending God’s forgiveness was
Now something they would do.

Now Thomas wasn’t with them
So when they came with good news bursting
He declared he’d only believe
If he saw the scars in person.

So again Jesus would enter
The closed house where they’d gone to grieve
And Jesus invited Thomas
To touch his wounds and believe.

But blessed are those who haven’t seen
And believe, unlike Thomas
They understand the Love of God
That fulfills His Covenant promise

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