five minute friday: rest

Here we go again with another “Five Minute Friday” post!  To learn more about “Five Minute Friday” (FMF), check out the linked image here.  Basically, each week there’s a word given for you to write about.  You start writing, no back-tracking, editing, etc.  At the end of 5 minutes, you stop.  Then you post it, and share in the community of words that were birthed during these 24-ish hours.  It’s cool stuff.
So here’s this week’s response to the word: “rest”.

I’m still in awe of the experience, as I look back on it.  How perfectly the pieces fell into place.  How the right thing happened at the right time.  How much went wrong, and still went so very right.

We landed in Los Angeles early afternoon and our luggage had been lost.  Sure, the one time I really need a specific outfit, and my bags get lost.  I had extra deodorant in my carry on, but the producers were very adamant – we needed to dress nice.  So we waited, and called around to see where I might get a cheap suit, or even a tie, at 10pm in Culver City, CA.  Still, we had no car, and no budget to go riding around trying all night.  My wife went to bed to get some rest….she was carrying our 2nd child.  I waited anxiously.

Finally, around 3am, we received a call from the front desk.  Our luggage was there.  I pulled out my suit, hung it up, and went to bed.  Only briefly, because we had to be dressed and ready at the studio by 7am…after a taxi took however long it took to get us there.  Running on very little rest, my brain was pumping at extra levels of adrenaline than I usually required.  I think God knew exactly what my brain needed to perform well that morning, as I ended up in the first group of 3 – our episode was filmed first.  The green room was filled with people who looked like they’d slept remarkably well, and I knew with a layer of HD Make-up…..I must look pretty fresh myself.

Alas, 5 minutes is up…check out the video if you want to know the “rest” of the story…. 🙂

That’s right…..I didn’t end up going very “deep” tonight.  Not sure why….I felt a Paul Harvey vibe as soon as I saw the word.   Hope that’s okay….:)

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  1. Visiting from FMF.

    You did well in that show for someone who was stretched to the limit with lost luggage and all. It’s good that everything worked out in the end.


  2. I don’t grow tired of hearing more of this story!
    you do paul harvey justice 😉


  3. I’m impressed after staying up most of the night…what a fun experience being on the show 🙂


  4. WOW a celebrity in the mix!! Love it and that show. I would have been shaking — totally not a restful moment for me. But you — you looked awesome and like you were having a blast! Blessings. Glad I stopped by.


  5. 🙂 How exciting! And, wise thinking on having the deodorant at least set aside! 🙂


  6. Dear Wick
    Oh, my friend, we ladies know all the secrets of make-up to take away a bit of the tiredness of just life and being a mom and a wife! Glad everything worked out as planned. Yes, we learn with time to give everything in our Pappa’s hands and see how He works everything out for our good!
    Much love XX


  7. Posted by bob on March 15, 2013 at 10:00 am

    So, been to Hawaii yet?!


    • Haha..yup….we went with both girls back in summer of 2008! Had some friends that went with us (shared our beachside suite, and swapped babysitting!)! It was awesome. 🙂


  8. Congrats!!! I could not tell you had been stressed and awake most the night. Good job !!!


  9. I have always wanted to be on that show! SO awesome! I would have been a nervous wreck, especially after the night you had.


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