More than soft, warm, home-made cookies and a tall glass of cold milk…

More than winning $50,000 (cash and prizes) on Wheel of Fortune…

More than the NHL finally getting along, and having a season.wedding..

Along those lines, more than actually getting to hoist the cup myself someday (superfan here)…

More than a sunrise over the beach with dolphins just near the horizon…

More than someone mysteriously giving us thousands of dollars for our adoption (you totally are free to, if you’d like)…

More than live music and the freedom to move to it…

More than holding each of our newborns, and seeing a future hope reflected in their eyes…

More than a free 10-year anniversary trip to Florida in the midst of financial need… (THANKS friends & family!)

More than I have the first 13 years of being together, 10 years united as one…

I love her.

(yup, it’s mushy…deal with it)

For real though….I thank God for Mrs. A.  (our cheesy Christian-couple-favorite-verse = Philippians 1:3)  It’s hard to imagine that I lived without her for a significant portion of my life.  I look forward to the balance of “life” after we’re married becoming heavier than the before side.   She consistently compels me to a more faithful love to Christ, as well…something we both talked about wanting in a spouse waaaay back when.  I still have much to learn, and aim to improve how I love her each year.  But I think I’m better at it now than I was 5 years ago…and 20 years from now I’ll smile at the man I am today.   “Silly newlyweds”, I’ll think to myself.  I can’t wait. 🙂

Wanna give us an Anniversary present?  Give a few bucks (a multiple of “10” would be romantic, eh?) toward our adoption by clicking here!  Thanks so much!!!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Wick
    This is what I appreciate so much about you … your love for your wife!


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