More than…

So the level of cuteness occurring within the confines of my home continues to rise on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure we could begin selling it in packages, and never even get close to scraping the surface. Unfortunately, child labor laws being what they are….we’ll probably never quite take full advantage of it.

But for our friends and family, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Just to share a few from our oldest, Addie (simply because she’s the most verbal = easiest to describe. Sophie and Ruby are equally cute in their own ways, but one consists of mostly half-words that would be tough to spell, and the other seems to generate enough cuteness simply by giggling):

– Addie is fully aware of the “waiting for Christmas” concept this year. She sees Christmas lights everywhere we drive, which makes for cheap entertainment as we “hunt” for them. To quote Addie, “oooh, they surprised me!!!?”

– She notices Nativity scenes wherever they can be found these days. The most famous is the one in our home. Even though it’s some schmancy Italian collectible what-not, it is obviously meant to be a toy nativity set, duh. It’s not odd to hear the exclamation “Daddy, can I play with Jesus!??” at any point in the day. Although it was rich in irony to hear her say, “daddy,, I saw a WHITE Jesus?” when we drove past one of those white shadow cutouts of a nativity recently. She was a bit confused.

– Addie has the magical “big sister” connection with both of her younger siblings. With Sophie, it comes in moments where Sophie obviously wants to copy her older sister in whatever she does. She’ll line right up feet to feet, and watch her every move and word….and attempt to replicate them when possible. With Ruby, it comes in the ability to make her laugh even when mommy and daddy can’t do it. Just a smile, and a bit of peek-a-boo, and our 6 month old is wrapped around her finger.

– Having our daughters at the age where Addie, and Sophie a little, can participate in “Advent” discussions each night as possible. Lighting the candles, and eating a small chocolate. Each week has an emphasis for each night, which we keep at an age-appropriate level: Hope (oh boy), Peace (ahhhh…), Joy (whoo hoo!), and Love (awwww)…and finally, Jesus.

– Having contests where we begin the sentence with “I love you more than….” and fill it in with whatever comes to mind. Today, Addie loves me more than Christmas Lights, Princess hair, and groceries. 🙂

Maybe I’m still just riding the “thankful” wave from Thanksgiving…but I’m loving this stuff. 🙂

any thoughts?

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