expectation in sports and worship

An interesting connection was made in comments to a recent blog post of mine (on Facebook, even if none of ya’ll commented here). The reference to what expectations one brings to a sporting event, compared to the expectations we may bring to a worship service.

I’ve been to both a worship service AND a major sporting event in the past week, so I figured I’m qualified to make a few comments. I agree that there are interesting things to note.

The obvious one would be participation versus consumerism. “Liturgy” literally means “the work of the people”. I think it’s important that we as worship leaders find ways to integrate response and active participation in some form of those we are leading. I also believe when I come to worship, I come wholly expecting to participate as actively as possible in the context provided…possibly even outside the lines a bit. šŸ™‚

But maybe not so obviously, how often do we actually “expect” God to do something extra-ordinary in our worship time together? I think it often falls into the “ah….another worship service just like last week“, or possibly even the “WHOO HOO, ANOTHER WORSHIP SERVICE LIKE LAST WEEK!!”….depending on your approach. I think both extremes can miss out…although I think I like hockey more than basketball.

I desire the healthy expectation that comes from regular movements of the Spirit in our times together, much like the ebb and flow of a basketball game. Being able to accustom ourselves to how and where the Spirit is moving in our lives, and through us in our community.

But I also desire the random, out of nowhere, unexpected in occurrence and/or method, bursting forth uncontrollable moments of the Spirit, much like a goal being scored in a hockey game. Being completely surprised and taken off guard by the offensive and overwhelming presence and urging of the Spirit, both in our lives and through us in our community.

Ah well…as I’ve said before….our prayer is that we would reflect the worshipers God is looking for in John 4:23…


any thoughts?

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