I’ve just finished reading the book “FlashForward” by Robert Sawyer. It was a good read, and the book has inspired a television show by the same name. I will say that you can enjoy both the book, AND the television show without having too much of the plot revealed. The book is told from the perspective of people for what happened. The television show is from the perspectives of the people trying to figure out what happened. There are other major differences too, but I will let yo discover them.

In both the show and the movie, every person on the planet passes out for a little over 2 minutes. During those minutes, they experience visions of what their life will be like in the future. In the show, it’s almost a year into the future. In the book, it’s over 20 years. A lot of imagination goes into both the book and the show as far as what things may be like…how they become that way, etc.

A large portion of thought/discussion in both the show and book is: Free will. Specifically, is the future everyone saw something that is fixed….or is it something that can be changed?

Another portion of both stories, and a reason I enjoy both and think they’re great catalyst for good thought/discussion/prayer is this: How does seeing a potential future change how we live in the present?

For many of the characters, seeing a potential future does HUGE things to who they are, and how they exist in the present. I think this is a great illustration and encouragement for Christians today.

1. Just KNOWLEDGE of a potential future (i.e. the coming fullness of God’s Kingdom) offers radical transformation and freedom for how we live today. Our perspective, our hope, our goals, etc…can all be changed simply be realizing even a small part of what God has in store.

2. God goes beyond that, and actually has poured our His Spirit. Life-giving, redeeming, transforming, loving, calling forth, etc etc etc…an ACTIVE FORCE.

May we as the Church continue to speak knowledge of God’s more than potential future into the lives and creation around us. May we depend on God’s Spirit to be poured out to begin and continue that future even now…

any thoughts?

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