Happy New Year!!!

Today marks the beginning of the Christian New Year (Lectionary Year “C”). No countdown, no ball dropping, no kissing at midnight. Just a simple realization of the Advent season beginning. The quiet lighting of a candle. We’ve spent the previous week saying “Thanks” for the previous year, and here we are beginning the journey together again.

I’d admit…even though I’ve used the “Book of Common Prayer” for personal devotions here and there since college….I’ve not paid much attention to the actual “New Year” for the Church beginning on the first Sunday of Advent.

I like it.

We begin our year in a season of preparing/waiting/anticipating the arrival of Christ. Of course, we are celebrating the original arrival. But we are also collectively living towards the anticipation….”is this the year?” that Christ will return to complete what He has begun? We live from/toward what Christ will bring to completion.

This also marks an important year in the Anderson home. Being parents, and thinking about wanting to have “traditions” in our home that allow what God has done/is doing/will do to be more than just something we talk/sing about..but something we live. This is our first year of doing an “Advent Wreath” at home (where they were always done, traditionally). Looking forward to all that this year of serving Christ as a family offers…both to us…and the Kingdom. 🙂


any thoughts?

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