into seduction…

Setting the concepts of “eros” aside will do the following thoughts well:

One of the lines repeated over and over again throughout “Into Great Silence“, is the line “Lord, you seduced me, and I was seduced.” from Jeremiah 20. Here are a few other translations:

NRSV: “O Lord, you have enticed me, and I was enticed.”

NLT: “O LORD, you persuaded me, and I allowed myself to be persuaded.”

Douay-Rheims: “Thou hast deceived me, O Lord, and I am deceived.”

The NIV also chooses the word “deceived.”

The Complete Jewish Bible: “You fooled me, ADONAI; I have been your dupe.”

The Message: “You pushed me into this, GOD, and I let you do it.”

It’s an interesting concept, and one that fits well with the “Weakness of God” wrestling I’ve done in recent months. God’s power is very much a “infinitely compelling”type. To think of why someone might live simply, or follow the thousand-year-old liturgies these monks live out. Or why someone today may choose to live counter-culturally and towards the way Christ has revealed His Kingdom to be.

It’s not because God has a giant finger on a cosmic “send you to hades” button. It’s because when we experience God….when we are faced with His presence, or new knowledge or revelation of His Spirit….or possibly even His words become flesh…powerful seduction may be a very appropriate way of describing how we are led to being transformed by His Spirit.

May we find ourselves seduced by the infinitely compelling presence and Hope of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit that is always active, and in whose presence we cannot help but be transformed from…..and to…..


any thoughts?

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