In high school, the only yearbook that mattered to me was senior year. I have no idea what happened to my senior year yearbook….if my mom reads this and knows where it is…I’d hug her if she found it. My guess is it was lost or gone in some random abyss of our home or someone else’s. But it mattered because it was the “final” of many years of moving towards that year.

There was a section in the yearbook where each of the seniors were pictured. Somehow, we’d each gotten titles that had been “voted on” by the general student body. I didn’t attend a large high school, Eaton Rapids is not exactly a metropolis. But somehow, creative democracy still occurred.

I remember the moment I first scanned through the yearbook to find out what title I’d earned myself. What has all of my social, educational, and artistic effort accomplished me? Sure not “best dressed”. Definitely not “most likely to get great grades in college”. Probably not “likely to play a professional sport”. My mind imagined what sort of non-title I might have gotten.

Finally, I saw it. My picture..and underneath were the words:

“Most Changed”

Most changed? What does that mean? Most changed since a year ago? Since 5 years ago? Since we all began in Kindergarten? Yes…I’d definitely gone through some changes. I gained a lot of weight in middle school…and in high school ended up losing a lot due to a stomach surgery. I’d changed all 3 of my names between 5th and 10th grades. I gained more social confidence late in high school through realizing new life in Christ offered freedom from social status.

I was recently reminded that our bodies’ skin and bone cells almost all die and are replaced every 6 months. We are not who we were half a year ago. But we are so much more than our bodies. We are daily being transformed by God’s Spirit into something pretty spectacular. We may have missed out on bits of it yesterday, but today is NEW.

Our relationship with an active God offers us to experience daily, new ways of relating to those we love, to our enemies, and to aspects/routines of daily life. What about our day today is God desiring to change how we relate to? “Most Changed” can be a very good title to have. May we seek God’s renewal and redemption, and what that offers for today, and an infinite amount of tomorrows….

any thoughts?

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