strategically simple

This past Sunday, we were reminded that the story of the widow giving her two copper coins (Mark 12), was not simply a message on giving. It wasn’t simply an illustration on the fact that “little can be much”, and every amount we give is important, etc.

It offers a much more life-transforming message to us today, in our time and culture.

The widow, because she didn’t have much to give, was able to give her ALL. “All that she had to live on.” How much more difficult is it, for someone with much, to give their “ALL”. Sure, we who have a lot may give what we believe we can financially afford. What we can sacrifice and still get by on. But our “all”??

And not just finances. Socially. Relationally. How much mercy/Forgiveness/Love we live out. Our time. Other resources. Are we truly offering our “all” to God?

Generally it isn’t until Christmas is near that we begin to hear about donating to good charities, etc. About purposefully choosing to live and give simply, so that more resources can be given to places of staggering need. I know it’s hard, and learn more about how hard it is….as with 3 daughters….we and all of our family/friends LOVE to give our daughters gifts/toys/etc. Their smile is worth any price…or so it would seem.

Take a moment to watch this video. Seriously…before Black Friday, before the lists have been submitted to Santa, before the race begins. Take 4.5 minutes, and watch this video.

$8 hot dogs aren’t evil. Enjoying the chocolates of life can be a very God-filled thing. But may we be more conscious and aware of purposefully living more simply…..because Jesus taught us that will make it easier for us to “give our all”….and what better time of the year to model that to the children watching all of us…than Christmas? 🙂

any thoughts?

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