Collision: The Movie

As much as I’m curiously interested in watching this movie, and the trailer makes it look really “hip/trendy”, it also seems to miss a point. It’s being screened in Chicago soon, if you’re interested in checking it out with a context that offers a bit of discussion/digestion of it. It’s also on Amazon by now, if you’d rather others not know you watched it, or can’t drive to Chicago….or a combination of those two.

It’s a documentary/movie about a story of dialogue happening between world-famous Atheist author/speaker/etc. Christopher Hitchens and world-famous evangelical author/pastor/etc. Douglas Wilson. Based on the trailer, it seems to be a 90-minute back and forth and rebuttal about whether or not Christianity or Atheism makes sense, and is good for the world, etc. I haven’t seen the film, so obviously I can’t tell you any of the redeeming qualities, or about the ultimate message/context it provides for being a great resource of some sort.

All I can do here, is point at the concept behind such a thing even happening…and ask…really?

Now, with Christopher Hitchens I can understand. Such a project and undertaking makes perfect sense. Possibly even purposefully drawing Wilson out to have him participate in something that seems to go against much of what Christ spoke of.

But Douglas Wilson being a part of this? I haven’t read his books, but I’m weary anytime one person represents the whole Christian body in a public way like this.

Maybe my concerns are without foundation. Maybe Wilson’s goal is to reveal how nonsensical following Christ is. Perhaps his purpose lies in revealing there is no worldly logic or good and easy explanation for why someone should believe and follow God’s Kingdom.

May we remember, as we come into dialogue and living situations with those of other or no faiths….to love. To offer grace and mercy, and Truth from a loving heart. To live freely, and enabled by the Holy Spirit. To attempt to explain the Hope that we have, and offer it to others who are bound by many of the chains of our world.

But may we also remember that chains do not often fall off through a theological or a-theological debate where we attempt to prove why all of this “makes sense” or is “economically or physically or etc….attractive” in the light of other paths this world has created.

Check out this appearance on CNN for an interview with both of them after the movie is made. As people who follow Christ, let’s take less paths that look like this….k? 🙂


any thoughts?

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