1 vs. 99

Lately the theme of Kingdom as valuing the one over the ninety-nine (Luke 15) has been running through my brain. Like, what does that look like beyond the shepherd and sheep analogy? I don’t think we’d very easily accept many of the situations I can come up with:

1. A pastor learns an elderly person from his church really needs to be prayed with, and has requested them as the one to pray with. Even though it’s Sunday morning, and service is about to begin, they walk out and leave service in the hands of whoever grabs the microphone first.

2. Someone who is very successful at their job as a __________. They make quite a bit of money, and have a life that requires steady employment at that job in order to keep the wheels spinning, house heated, and food on the table. There comes a brief moment where they see unhealthiness in their home, and are faced with continuing to work at the pace they have, or spend time seeking healing for family…come what may with employment.

3. There is a pre-school class with 30 or so children in it. There is one teacher, and she realizes a student is missing. The rest of the school is off today for teacher inservice. She leaves the classroom unattended, and begins to roam the halls in search of the missing 4 year old.

4. I have about 99 things I need to do each day that are required. They’re practical. They matter. If I don’t do them, my day, or my job, or my relationships, or my family, etc….would be impacted negatively. But something comes along…not an assignment for work, not an opportunity to make money, etc. But an opportunity to build the Kingdom in a unique way, by giving of myself. I think I’m called to do the one, even if it leaves some of the 99 behind.

5. Okay, now you try and create one…


any thoughts?

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