Truly Compelling & Saints

Yesterday’s post ended with a phrase that made me want to share a few thoughts from Youth Group Wednesday night. “Oh, youth group”, you’re thinking. “Don’t have sex, listen to your parents, and do good in school, etc.”, you might summarize what I’m about to say.

You’d be more than slightly wrong.

Wednesday we talked about our identities as NEW CREATION. (2 Corinthians 5:17) We talked about how this is more than simply something God wants to do because it’s nice and creative. In Revelation, the book that reveals God’s desire/plan through Jesus Christ for all creation, verse 21:5 shows us a God who’s pretty excited/giddy about what’s going on. He points at what is happening and says “LOOK!! I’m making all things new!!”

We talked about our identity’s as new creations, and how God is pointing at us, and telling all of creation “LOOK!! THAT is what I’m wanting to do with ALL things!”

I think I like the concept of “Saints” found in the Church…as long as we keep a healthy relationship to them. I think of people like John Wesley, BT Roberts, John Mason, and many others. Imperfect people, sure, but people that I think we could point to and say “LOOK! That is what God is wanting to do with all of creation!” Today, we honor those who have gone before us. Those saints. Those who God continues to remind us of, as embodying something incredibly close to what He’s accomplishing throughout all things.

That’s powerful. And not He-man powerful. Caputo powerful.

Infinitely compelling. I desire to live a life that, when I’m alive even would be nice, others and perhaps even God might point at once in a while and say “LOOK! That’s what I’m doing in all things!” Guess I’d better get goin…


any thoughts?

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