a peek inside our youth ministry..

So we’ve settled into a monthly rotation. Not that it’s guaranteed to happen every month, and it’s probably subject to change without notice, based on events in our community, holidays, needs, etc. But with all those things in mind:

Sunday morning – Sunday School. Pretty obvious stuff here. Looking at scriptures together, usually what the quizzers are studying, to really dive in deep.

Sunday evening – Supper Club. Our experiment in socialism. Everyone brings whatever they can to the table, and everyone eats. Boom. Fellowship and prayer and family.

Wednesday evenings – Each month:

Week One – Gym Night. Some trivia, some sort of mind game or puzzle, followed by either some sort of semi-athletic or goofy game that takes advantage of the gym space we have available.

Week Two – Video Lesson. Using “Bluefish” lately, just finished their series on “God”. Nothing is 100%, but when you sift through their stuff, and rewrite it for your group, it can provide pretty solid stuff. Some group discussion and Bible study surrounding the lesson.

Week Three – Small Groups. Generally keeping the focus from the previous week, but getting deeper in discussion and in God’s word. Allows for more intimate sharing with prayer requests, etc.

Week Four – Experiments in Prayer. Silence. Intensely focused discussion. Guided prayer. Space. Communion. Experiences that bring prayer and God’s presence beyond the prayers we throw out before and after meals and special occasions. Allowing God’s Spirit to have it’s way in time and space we set aside in new ways each month.

Week Five – Well, there aren’t many of these. So we’ll see where God takes us. 🙂

Add on all the random events, and relationships that make a community of youth people within a larger community seeking God together…and you’ve got yourself a youth ministry. 🙂


any thoughts?

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