Five Iron Frenzy – the DVD?

Growing up, there were a few bands that would get me literally “giddy” with excitement. Their energy, and ability to create an experience that was much more than a concert or an album was uncanny. They possessed raw talent, and entertained well beyond the usual one genre most were getting in their day. Christian, secular, ska, rock, swing, jazz, punk, opera…..hehe…these guys were incredible.

And then they were no longer.

Sure, Roper (who didn’t sign autographs, but totally gave me a piece of gum at a show, that I kept on my shelf throughout high school) went on to do multiple projects, and is still kickin’ it from what I hear. But FIF was no more. All has been silent.

Until now.


Yup, be very….very…excited. And tell your pets it’ll all be okay.


any thoughts?

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