Holiness in Postmodernity

It’s been a while since I last posted a review of a chapter from “The Holiness Manifesto”, but I’ve finally finished Caputo’s book (amazingly provoking), and figured it would pass the time until Donald Miller’s newest book arrives in my mailbox.

Chapter 7 is entitled “Holiness and the Five Calls of God: Holiness in Postmodernity” by Howard Snyder, another ridiculously educated and intelligent author employed by an educational body. This chapter begins a new section of the book, which focuses on “Holiness in Ministry”. The title of this chapter turned me away a bit, simply because I’m a bit weary of authors who are still writing about how “postmodernity” is changing things. But I suppose there are some out there still being impacted by the first wave of postmodern concepts, while most of us are riding some sort of “post-post-post-modern” wave, thanks in large part to the internet.

He talks about 5 concentric circles, starting with the outer ring, and moving towards the center. Starting with the outer circle as he sees them, they are calls to:

1. Earth Stewardship (not just tree huggers)
2. Covenant Peoplehood (community)
3. God’s Reign (Kingdom citizens)
4. Specific Ministry (for every believer)
5. Holiness (which he mentions could also be the outer circle)

I do like that here we have a discussion on Holiness that involves both how we relate to creation, others, systems of the world, and ourselves in response to God’s Spirit within us. To end with a quote from Snyder:

“Thus holiness is community – koinonia with God and with one another in a new kind of fellowship, the church, which simultaneously lives in two worlds – the one we now see visibly around us, and the one which is to come and which in fact is constantly, invisibly, penetratingly around us right now.”


any thoughts?

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