re-emphasizing the prophetic

I read an interesting line of thought in a book this morning. The author was talking about how much we emphasize the “sacrificial” elements in the event of Christ on the cross. He mentioned that there is something to gain from re-emphasizing the early church’s understanding of this event not so much as sacrificial (a whopping blow to an economy of something being “owed” to begin making things right with God), but as a prophetic occurrence.

As we move away from an economy, things don’t have to make quite as much sense. Not that they make a lot of sense to begin with, even though it usually takes a teenager to point it out. God forced his son to die a horrible death in order that some sort of economy of salvation was paid so that we wouldn’t have to die ourselves? What kind of all powerful God is subject to such a cosmic equation?

Instead, it becomes a prophetic event. Jesus Christ, in his entire life, and death, AND resurrection was living prophetically a new way made possible by the Holy Spirit. He was living it so completely that the powers of this world, and the structures and economies that were threatened – decided to kill him. How does Jesus Christ respond to that? He dies. His living prophetically moves right into dying prophetically which leads to the Holy Spirit accomplishing in Jesus Christ something beautiful that has been promised to each of us as well….a resurrection. A new way of living….a new way of dying….and a new way of being resurrected. All found through the Spirit in Jesus Christ, and offered to each of us…

May we recognize, and be transformed by the prophetic good news Jesus Christ brings to our lives yesterday, tomorrow, and TODAY….


any thoughts?

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