a neglected "Good."

I’ve got to confess, I’ve made an error. Probably on more than one occasion. I’ve summarily gone against God in what seems to be minor, but could also be a fairly grand mistake on my part. When telling the story of Genesis, we breeze past God creating, etc…and pronouncing His “Good, Good, Very Good” over all things. Then we bring up the fact that we humans “messed it all up” by allowing sin to enter the world, and that God has been moving towards bringing things right-side up again.

Sound about right?

Only, from there it’s very easy to go down the dispensationalist avenue. God will return someday, dump this whole creation in a metal bin and burn it. Of course, even along some healthier bits of theology, we see thoughts of creation needing to be healed…which can easily lead to overlooking something very important and hope-filled…

We are living in a creation that God has pronounced His “Good, Good, Very Good” over. It is a “Good” that God has spoken/proclaimed. One that couldn’t possibly be annulled/destroyed/skewed by our choices. Sure, much has happened….things that have motivated God to work towards healing and bringing His justice, and making all things new.

The “Good, Good, Very Good” has become covered over, muffled by all the talk and noise we’ve filled the world with. But it’s still there, underneath it all. God chose a people, Israel, and attempted to help the world listen to his “Good” once again. He continued to proclaim His “Good” through Jesus Christ, and has sent us His Spirit so that we can be part of His work, amplifying his “Good” to the world, and clearing away the noises that have somehow gained sound over time.

May we live this week as people who hear and proclaim God’s “Good, Good, Very Good…” to the creation around us….


One response to this post.

  1. This is what keeps me drinking coffee, alcohol, playing and listening to music and going geocaching.

    It's also why fall is the best season. Because it's the good-est season.


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