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Addison turned 3 years old this past August. Sophie is going to turn 2 in February. Ruby is just over 4 months old. Whew.

Addie has a free spirit, or at least, she advertises something like that. In actuality, she’s very cautious and takes things a step at a time. Often she’ll want mommy or daddy near, not to do it for her, but simply to give her assurance that she can do it. She loves loves loves to dance. I know dance “classes” exist for girls her age, but I don’t think I want dancing to become a class just yet. She’s a professional dancer already, and if she takes a class, she may realize she’s a beginner. She’s a princess, except for the moments where she’s a mommy to her younger sisters. She’ll tell you she’s not hungry during this meal, and eat for two at the next one. Her smile can light up a room, or daddy’s face at 6am when he sometimes needs a reminder that he’s a morning person. I love her.

Sophie also advertises that she is very independent. But she totally means it. Independent of any need for clothing. Independent of any desire to work well with or give much thought to gravity. Independent of any drive to hone her skills at anything just yet. She’s a do-er. As seen in recent videos, she’s not afraid to get into a mess. Perhaps not because the mess does not intimidate her, but because she doesn’t see it as a mess. She loves to pop her peas like bubble wrap, and most other foods become toys or history quickly. Sophie loves to run, naked preferably, but as that can’t last long, we encourage clothed rampages. Her legs are still getting used to how fast her mind wants them to go, and have taken more bruises than Addie ever did. Silly faces are her specialty, and she knows how to make you smile. I love her.

Ruby cries out in a house already filled with happenings “I’m coming!!!”. She can smile and laugh larger than either of the first girls ever did at this age. Only one problem – there’s no audio yet. It’s coming though. We’ve had glimpses of it, and they usually lead to a long case of the hiccups, to discourage trying further. Her cries can be heard half a mile away, but her large eyes and giant smile can travel even further into your heart. When given the opportunity, she’ll plant her little feet on your lap, and stretch out her legs, as if to prove that balance is the only thing keeping her from standing independently. She sucks her thumb, no pacifier required. Although by sucking her thumb, I also mean she often counts her entire fist as her thumb. When her eyes lock on you, it’s impossible to resist. I love her.

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  1. you capture our girls beautifully :<) i love you.


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