Coaching 101

Last week I was involved in some training going on in the Free Methodist Church in the Midwest area. It’s something you may have heard of in other business or ministry contexts. It’s the art of “Coaching”. Based on a book called “Coaching 101“, we each began a relationship with a coach a few months ago, who is going to guide us through the process of becoming a coach ourselves.

I have to be honest, I was a bit cynical at first. I think mainly because it sounded very much like the kind of “development” found in my sales experience between managers and salespeople under them who they wanted to develop through discovering their goals, and what it might take to achieve them.

Even when I began reading the book, and at points during the class itself…it sounded like something that rubbed me the wrong way. It felt like we were forcing a system and technique onto something Christ said should be motivated by love – not a desire for “successfully multiplying our discipleship efforts”.

I still believe it can be something that’s approached in the wrong way, and with the wrong motivations. But the experiences and heart shared throughout the week, and throughout coaching sessions have definitely given new light to the possibilities for God to work through these efforts. It offers something incredibly counter cultural – a conversation environment where a “coach” is purposefully turning it towards the other, and towards the other discovering what the Other is guiding them towards.

It’s a great pattern of conversationing to follow: to come along side someone you care about and help them discover what God is doing in their life, simply by taking the time to have someone reflect back/flesh out in words what has been/is/could be happening in their life. To establish what actions can help move in that direction, and accountability to see it through.

But it’s also been/being a great reminder for everyday conversations with family, friends, and those who simply need to be talked to in a way that’s different from how most people in their day talk with them. Which is such a simple concept, you would think someone who spends a lot of time thinking about Jesus would have made the connection to his conversational relating areas of life. But nope. I’m generally horrible at it. I like to talk, and I like to add my 2 cents to things, finishing people’s sentences and taking spotlights.

I pray that I can talk to people I care for differently on a more consistent basis.

Towards the other, and the Other. πŸ™‚

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  1. I will show Jason this blog post. I think he would like to read this one. πŸ™‚


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