chick tracts

So…the tracts appearing here are MILD compared to the one I found on our church resource table (Why the yellow race will not take over the world), placed by someone who hopefully meant well but perhaps didn’t read the tract they were leaving behind. But these types of beliefs are stewing behind the veil in many of our congregations. How to approach the topic in a loving way, to those who hold these beliefs as foundational to who they are, and who the bride of Christ is?

Read at your own risk, and know that these are NOT MY beliefs/views. There is a SMALL amount of Biblical Truth in each of these (kinda), but it is taken way out of context and used as a tool of fear. How would YOU respond?


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  1. I really really dislike Chick tracts… you should take a look at their catalog… whoa!!! Actually I'm not a track fan to begin with, but Chick is definitely the worst.


  2. Yeah, these are hard. We were having a discussion at our house church Monday about how to deal with people who make the side issues the main show. We found it hard to deal with, because at the core of the issue is how people approach and read the Word. It's like you can't even deal with this stuff until you deal with people's inherent proof-texting issues. Wrath is not one of the main topics of the Bible, whether to people against Israel, Gays, or Abortionists. These are not THE issues. At least not like LOVE, COMMUNITY, UNITY, HOPE, GRACE, PEACE, ETC…


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