Time Travelers Wife

A few years back, I accidentally read a girly book. It talked about time travel, etc…and was very well written to the point that I was hooked, even through the girly scenes.

And just a second to justify myself. I say “girly”, because it’s not often you see a guy willingly pick up a “romance book”. But I wouldn’t consider this a “romance” story like so many you often see.

There is more than romance here. There is love. The Love of a husband and a wife. A Love that is built on, and lived in, years and years of foundation. A relationship that is forced to go well beyond the “eros” love that you find in so many romances these days. To deal with suffering, to be forced to talk in ways that stretch each other, and situations that cut straight to the heart of the relationship.

How would you respond, if somehow uncontrollably, you were transported to a scene with your spouse as a 7 year old child? You love that person an incredible amount, but don’t want to freak out this young child. What do you say? How do you communicate love?

How would life become intricately connected through that relationship if you were simultaneously building a relationship with that new spouse, and with them as a child at the same time; scene after scene?

It’s a very creative idea for a story. The movie is rated PG-13, and I recommend it. The book is very well written also, and explains a lot more (and more importantly – gives more time to respond to the significant emotions present throughout the story); but has some more inappropriate scenes.

As a married person leaving the movie with your spouse, you will be very thankful for the opportunity we have daily to be fully “present” with each other. May we be thankful for each moment we have together, and breathe more slowly the breaths we’re able to take.


any thoughts?

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