Ignoring the Issues

If you’re like me, the media over the past few months has focused on so much ridiculous stuff; that even when you’re watching it….you’re probably not actually watching it. From Michael Jackson’s last hours alive, to John or Kate Plus 8, to the endless other stories they play up to make us drool for more drama; it doesn’t take long to forget you’re watching actual news, and not entertainment.

Because of this, many of us are missing out on the issue of Healthcare Reform. Not because the news isn’t talking about it….they certainly throw a few dramatic stories out there to bait us. But it gets lost in the rest of the drama. And not because we haven’t heard about it – we’ve probably all gotten a few forwards from well meaning people warning us that Obama wants to let old people “just die”, and is going to use tax-payers money to fund abortions (both WAY false, of course).

So where is a source of information we can go to that talks about Healthcare Reform?

Here are a couple you may find helpful:

1. Cover All Families – Faith-based group dedicated to informing people on facts and truths involved. Why should health care be reformed? What’s being proposed? Etc. They have a few printable resources that you can use to read yourself, share with others, or discuss with your small group.

2. FactCheck.org – A general “fact-checking” website for all things related to current politics. It’s deep in resources/articles/information right now concerning these health care concerns. Check the “Wire” for the most recent updates.

3. Politifact – Another general “fact-checking” website. This one focuses on accountability and honesty in statements/promises made. They even use little graphics that are pretty easy to understand/grasp at a quick glance, as well as link to other places/previous statements and promises made.

4. Your Local Newspaper – It’s interesting to see the range of issues covered, and how the current state of healthcare is impacting our own communities. You’ll notice that in our local newspaper, they ran this article, and this article in the same week. I give a lot more credit to the doctor in one of those articles – you decide which one. 🙂


any thoughts?

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