Holiness as Happiness

This morning during my YMCA workout (where I lifted over 10,000 lbs….woot), I was listening to an old sermon. It was a “Hypothesis of Holiness as Happiness”. The preacher was speaking about how John Wesley often connected the aspect of Holiness with “happiness”.

This is not a “happiness” as often referred to as an excuse for whatever you want found in the Declaration of Independence as our unalienable right to pursue. This is a happiness that goes much deeper. A person who is happy, lives a grateful life. Takes pause often to purposefully “be” grateful for the day passed, or day ahead, or moment we find ourselves in.

I recognize that in reading a ridiculous amount of books, studying for youth lessons coming up this fall, and trying to be husband to my wife, and father of three – I don’t naturally pause and be thankful for all that my life contains, and all my life is heading towards.

So this weekend particularly….even with the busyness of family in town, celebrating my daughters 3rd birthday, dedication of my youngest, enjoying our new senior Pastor being in town, and the Decatur Celebration…….

I will breathe slowly. I will be thankful for the moments. I will be grateful for each smile, each tear dried, each spit up cleaned or diaper changed. I want to live a grateful, and happy life. Not because by “being happy” I somehow attain “holiness”….but because I’ve been reminded that they are very closely related…and desire both in my life.

Thanks to the random mp3 while I worked out. And perhaps also…Jesus. 🙂


any thoughts?

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