1 Peter 2:2

“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.”

I memorized this verse back in high school. But never really gave it much thought. “Grow up in my salvation?” I was saved, wasn’t I? I said the prayer that talked about asking Jesus into my heart. Bible says that covers me, right? Done deal.

Then life/college/post-college hit. Turns out, this salvation and all that God desires/is/is doing is something quite a bit larger than simply “coming into my heart”. Overwhelmingly so. But not overwhelming in the tidal wave of death that’s about to swallow an entire village. Overwhelming in the sense of a tidal wave of new life (that may included death) that’s about to swallow all of creation.

Pretty cool stuff.

There’s also the aspect of craving something like a newborn baby. We’ve all seen them. Even as a student in school I could understand this concept. But to actually be the parent of several newborn babies, who all naturally CRAVE milk. To see as they’ve been unsuccessfully attempted to satisfy by bottles, or pacifiers, etc.

I also pray that I do crave PURE spiritual milk. Not watered down. Not easier to swallow because it’s been processed and rid of certain nutrients. It’s a good craving to practice, and there is plenty of time and spiritual milk out there to be satisfied, and yet continue to crave….


any thoughts?

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