personal pictures allowed publicly?

I saw this story on CNN the other day. The reporter was very adamant about how this is just a small example of why it’s a horrible idea to post pictures of your own personal family on a blog accessible to the public. Her attitude and expressions during her story seemed like she was proud for having conclusively convinced the general public to never be so stupid and naive again.

I agree that this would be freaky to find out. I’d probably be a bit upset, and want to expose the fraud. But I’m not sure I’d be offended as much. (easy to say, since it didn’t happen to me)

This is a topic my own mother and I have gone back and forth on, for different reasons. Is it okay/safe to post personal pictures of my children on the internet where they can be accessed by anyone who wants?

I would say sure. I love my kids. I’m stinkin’ proud of them, and I think they’re cuter than yours. So I’m gonna show ’em off, whether it’s a pretty new dress or whether it’s a peanut butter smear across their face. I don’t want the older people from my church, or communities I’ve been involved in the past to have to become a “member” or figure out some internet routine to have to “access” my family that they are loving and praying for. And honestly, I know that the world needs to see more pictures like the ones my children are capable of generating. Such pictures can brighten a day for sure.

Does that mean someone could steal their picture, and pretend they’re a child from Europe seeking adoption in a foreign country? I guess.

Does that mean (and I confess, this one disturbs me a bit) that some creepy old man who likes to look at pictures of little girls could view my family? Yes, unfortunately.

Does it mean that some crazed maniac could make paper dolls and tape my daughters faces to them, pretending their real – and even get updated pictures so that the dolls seem to “grow up”? Yah. I suppose someone could.

To that, someone who does/has been offended in these regards would say “you’ll care if it happens to you, and I hope it doesn’t for your sake”. They’re probably right.

Still, I love sharing my pictures publicly, and hope for the best.

Is it still naivety if you understand/acknowledge the risks involved, and yet continue to move forward…or simple stupidity?


3 responses to this post.

  1. I totally agree. The internet is a public space and should be treated as such.

    Taking your kids in public, allowing them to be seen in public, isn't substantially different than allowing them to be seen and named on the internet.

    Sure, there's creepiness out there. But there's creepiness in real life–just be aware of it and be careful. But living your life in fear b/c of it is foolish.


  2. And to follow up (I just got read the article):

    I don't get it. She's mad b/c somebody used her picture? But the people weren't actually affecting her in any besides using the picture?

    I don't get it.


  3. I guess as long as you aren't exploiting your kids in the process of finding cute pictures (i.e. making them do things they wouldn't normally do), I think it's a great thing to share.


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