not the anti-Wright. But good…..

In talks with an old professor this past week, I confessed my unhealthy love for NT Wright. I even told him of my attempt at reading something that disagreed with Wright (John Piper), only to end up with us both laughing at that tremendous “fail”.

In the end, he pointed me in the direction of John Caputo’s book “The Weakness of God – A Theology of the Event“. I haven’t read much Caputo, other than knowing of him for the famous “What Would Jesus Decontruct” a couple years back. (not that I even read that)

Not that Wright is completely wrong, or that Caputo is completely right, but that both might help balance each other in view of resurrection and “new creation” type things. I flipped open to the table of contents, and had planned on simply reading the recommended chapters on Resurrection/Kingdom; but I made the mistake of beginning to read the first chapter.

Wow. Not the Bible. But I like this. Not 100%, but enough of it to read on. He speaks of God as an “event”, rather than a thing, or a name…

“A name can accumulate an army and institutional power, semantic prestige and cultural authority. But the event is not a natural thing, not a part of the natural language; it is more like a ghost, the specter of possibility…

..The name of God is the name of an event transpiring in being’s restless heart, creating confusion in the house of being, forcing being into motion, mutation, transformation, reversal…

..the kingdom of God is a domain in which weakness “reigns”, where speaking of a “kingdom” is always an irony that mocks sheer strength.

..a kingdom where the only power that is permitted is the power of powerlessness, where the very condition of power is that it be without power.”

I’m hooked.

any thoughts?

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