salvation in a steering wheel.

Stolen from NT Wright, and worded imperfectly….

Suppose a man has never seen a car before. He observes you driving yours for a bit, notices you using the steering wheel to guide the car, and then returns to wherever he came from, with his tales and testimonies about his experiences.

He returns to his friends and family, who also have no knowledge of what a car is, what it does, or it’s various components. He begins to talk to them about this amazing contraption called a “steering wheel”, and how you can ride in a steering wheel to get from one location to another. He tells them amazing stories of all the steering wheel experiences he saw and heard about while with you.

They’re amazed. They all want a steering wheel of their own!

This is a decent illustration of what we’ve done with our faith in many places. The theme of “salvation”, or “justification”, becomes so much of a priority; others begin to mistake it for “being” the car itself.

Imagine those friends and family, who run out and get steering wheels, all excited for the experiences they’d heard about. What happens after generation upon generation become disappointed in a steering wheel that does nothing near what their friend long ago explained? They’ll lose interest in steering wheels, not knowing they’d missed the boat from the start!

May we seek with our lives, a better understanding of what it means to follow Jesus Christ. To proclaim this Truth by our lives, and in word to those who are wandering around with their steering wheels, wondering what all the fuss is about….


any thoughts?

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