Response to Nothing

Or perhaps “zero” specifically. How do we as people in ministry (not just pastors/youth pastors, but EVERYONE who has been transformed towards Christ, and because of that your very nature desires that others hear the good news) respond to “zero” being the answer to the question: How many people have stumbled over Jesus and been drawn to him due to your existence this past year?

Taken from Bishop David Kendall’s blog:

1. Determine: not here, not now, not us! The one who created the world out of nothing and who raised Jesus from the dead is on your side when you say this!

2. Pray your determination. Pray for opportunities to get into the action, for people you know, for people to meet, for opportunities to come.

3. Use the good senses God gave when he created you and the Spirit now wants to fine tune within you. Use your eyes—open them widely. Look intently and ask, “What’s really happening?” Use your ears and listen. What are you hearing? What impresses you? What might God be saying to you in that situation or to that person?

4. Do something. There are so many options. Where is someone hurting? Where do you see a need? What could be done? Do it! Do it and know you’re probably doing more than you know. Beyond or beneath the need something else is going on. God will open a door.

5. These are things you can do as individuals. Think what you might do in partnership with others, as church, even a small church. Think what could happen if the church was totally at the disposal of God in its community. There’s just no way a whole year could pass without at least one new follower!”


any thoughts?

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