60 bucks.

Yesterday a man came into the office, we’ll call him Jim. (not his real name, but in order to protect anything he may want to protect) I was the only one in the offices at the time, and he asked if he could sit down with me. I’m not particular in who I sit with, and love people in general, so of course I agreed.

He wouldn’t look me in the eye, unless it was with intensity in his story. He began to tell me about how he’s cleaned up his life. To some of us, this might mean being sober, getting a place to live, and having a job of some sort. To Jim, this simply meant living in his own low income housing, and collecting unemployment. The problem was, he let someone he trusted borrow his unemployment debit card, and they took his money. He would get more next week, but rent of about sixty bucks was due tomorrow.

This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Jim.

He comes in, usually asking for anywhere between ten and a hundred bucks. Always with an inspirational story, and always with a guarantee to pay us back next week.

Whether fortunately or unfortunately, I never have any money. It’s an easy decision for me, although I usually do offer him a ride to somewhere else in town, knowing he doesn’t have a car. But I know he’s gotten some from other sources here at the church. He asked me if I could call around, and gather the money up somehow?

I always talk to Jim about visiting the church, inviting him to join us, about being a part of a supportive community, etc. I’ve prayed with him. I never know what to say.

Would Christ go out of his way, make fund raising phone calls, or sacrifice his own childs’ diapers to give a stranger $60 for rent – knowing the story might be slanted, and it may lead to this man and many more coming by for cash as well? Probably.

Did I? Nope.

Guess this post is more of a confessional of confusion than inspiring.


any thoughts?

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