could vs. called – 2

The second area? Vocation. Job. What you do for a living, whatever you wanna call it. Has God called some to do some jobs? Yes. I have to be honest with that, because as someone who has submitted to ordination, I have confessed publicly that I believe God has called me to ministry, and in Decatur. This is a call felt by myself, and witnessed/attested to by others. It does happen. When it does, you cannot miss it. Consider Jonah and his call – he wasn’t ignorant and accidentally missed it, he actively ran away – and STILL – God routed him back on track.

But does God call every person to a specific vocation/place of service? I believe He enables us for many things in life, and often leads us in a direction that contains many choices. We each have passions, gifts, talents, and weak areas. These elements funnel us in certain directions, and we have to choose out of the available ways to make a living usually. I encourage my teens, and will encourage my girls as well – choose something you and God can enjoy doing together.

That’s tough, in a world with increasing amounts of jobs no one might seem to enjoy. So I always pair those words with the Truth that what we do is NOT who we are…or even the sum of our ability to be used for the Kingdom. But I do believe that ANY vocation we may find ourselves pursuing God in, can be used by God. (Having spent over a year in radio advertising, and selling mail machines with Pitney Bowes in my past, I believe God used me during those days as well.)

Overall – I think my point here is that God takes joy in our discovery. Discovering new things, discovering relationships, and choosing things that bring us joy as well as our creator. As we move towards God, we are open to his direct call, but also choosing from the entire garden He has given us to live in….anticipating that day when we will be able to choose “work” more wholly/freely in a world completely made new.


any thoughts?

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