called vs. could – 1

“I just want to know what God’s will is.” – follower of God

“…be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is…” – Romans 12:2

There are two main areas where I see this paralyzing, over-enthusing, and otherwise impacting people on a regular basis. The first is in the area of “significant other”. I’ve seen teenagers, young adults, and grown men and women who fall into the romanticized trap of God “having one person for me”, or even having “chosen this person for me”, etc.

Does God sometimes “choose”, or otherwise orchestrate things so that two people will more easily become one? Probably. But perhaps it’s more the exception than the rule. And definitely not something we need to be afraid of somehow “accidentally” finding the wrong person, or the one that God “didn’t choose”.

It paralyzes some that are dating to the point where they may never marry, for fear of “falling out” of God’s will by choosing the wrong person (i.e. any of a million reasons a girl may find to break up with a guy, must be God saying he’s not the right one). It over-enthuses others who have all the “holy inklings” of God being so stinkin’ behind this relationship, that it must be his will…and who says we need to save our purity for “marriage”, if God is with us? Who cares about the major issues we will face if we commit to life together? It’ll all work out because God has “brought us together”. 🙂

I love my wife. I believe God is pleased with us becoming and living as one. Maybe He was involved in orchestrating some of the events that led our lives to each other. Looking back, it’s kinda cool to think about. I thank him for everything that led us to each other. But Sarah could have chosen some other guy, and had a completely different life, but been just as happy/complete as she is today (I would selfishly add – “not really”). We offered God our dating relationship, our engagement, our marriage, and our family for His blessing. When we said “I do” (or “I will”), we became “the one” for each other. We continue to work out our relationship with Him, and with each other – committed through whatever may come…

At the same time, you only get one life. Hopefully you choose the right person to spend it with. Marriage is a huge deal. You should probably freak out about that sufficiently. 🙂 hehe

Whew….probably over-blogged that one. I’ll over-blog the second area tomorrow…

ps. I know I got family/friends at various stages of relationships. Know that I didn’t write this in response to any of ya’. It was more inspired by the teens I’ve worked with than anything.


any thoughts?

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