Questions – with a few edits

From Gateway Conference Leadership Summit, distributed by Bishop David Kendall. These are important questions for our churches, and the Church to be praying over….

Does the community know we are there? Would they miss us if we suddenly weren’t? How long before they noticed?

What kind of press has church had AS church lately?

Are we known for joy and hope, even and especially in hard times?

Are we known for God’s standards of morality & righteousnses? Do WE take them seriously, insist on them, hold ourselves accountable to them, and restore our own when they violate them? (or are we just telling everyone else how to live?)

Does the church engage in finding people – lost but cherished missing so far as God the Father is concerned?

Is the essential flow outward toward people in need of what only their God provides?

When people visit, do they detect God, something they can’t explain which though weird still intrigues and draws them? (Do WE sense this when we’re together?)

Do we make a place that convinces we are not alone? That God is real, present, and taking us somewhere?

When we work on budget, or make hard decisions, is the atmosphere sweet or tense?

Can we be REAL here?

Is it OK not to be perfect, and not OK to be unforgiving?

Can we laugh AND cry together? Laughing at ourselves, and anguishing over what Jesus cried over?

Are we praying for the Church’s sanctification with Paul? (1 Thess. 5:23)

Does our work trace back to the presence and power of the God who created all things out of nothing and resurrects the dead?


any thoughts?

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