Supernaturally Natural

Something Bishop Kendall said last week caught my attention. He was speaking on the topic of the health of a church. It was surprisingly simple, as far as phrases go. But it struck a chord in me.

It’s probably obvious by the title of this post, the two-word phrase he used was “Supernaturally Natural”.

That our churches, that our conference, our denomination, but even more so that the Church would become a place, and a people, where things once considered “Supernatural” become regular, but still not common. He may have even said that, I’m not sure.

I may have latched onto it, simply because of the sermon I was going to preach that Sunday, about us being “awe-full people”. But it’s something I’ve thought about a lot lately, especially in regards to what is missing in much of the work of the Church. And it is not necessarily about blind people seeing, or lame people walking. It’s about existing from, loving towards, and allowing the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to bring resurrection Life to our moment by moment existence.

The interactions we have with our friends, or family, strangers, and even our enemies – can be sourced in, and flow from and towards, Jesus Christ. Our response/reaction in any given situation can be influenced greatly, and wholly in supernatural ways – if we have invited the Spirit of God to be our source.

When is the last time you or I were involved in something that could only be explained to others by something to the effect of, “The Spirit of God/Love of God/Grace of God/Holiness of God compelled me to do it.”?

Because there are certainly other people out there making these claims. We’ve seen enough abortion clinics bombed, enough (teen moms, divorced Christians, unfaithful spouses, homosexuals, smokers, untucked shirt wearers, smelly people, etc.) made to feel unwelcome to attend or serve a church, enough people killed, enough publicity stunts and political moves made – all in the name of God’s love.

How about some of us actually love people, in the name of God’s Love?

Reminding these who would claim God as their motivation, that it’s not about simply “not making sense to the world”. It’s about making sense to the Kingdom of God.

So much that the Supernatural, becomes Natural? 🙂


any thoughts?

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