randomness: June 2009 edition

For the sake of concise blogging, here are a few random updates that would have each been a bit too short for their own post:

1. A friend was at the zoo in Indy with their family. They overheard the woman near them call her son “Wick”. They commented on the name, and asked the woman where she got it. The woman then told her the story of going into labor DURING WHEEL OF FORTUNE, where she joked with her husband that if “that guy” won, they’d name their son after him. Well….I won. 🙂 I now have a Hoosier named after me. Woot.

2. I’m FINALLY GETTING ORDAINED!! That’s right, after 4 years of school, and over 6 years of active ministry and a few more classes to top it off……next Saturday, June 27th at 9am at the Greenville Free Methodist Church. You’re invited to come and hoot and holler (or wear a tie and pray fervently over me) – however you’re inclined to celebrate. 🙂

3. I finally watched the movie “Sleeping Beauty” in its entirety for the first time. One would assume I’d already seen such a Disney Classic at some point in my lifetime. I assumed the same thing. Until I started it for Addie, I realized I knew the basic premise of the story, but had never watched it. My opinion? I’m a bit offended.
For over two years now, my life has begun to dive into the depths of that “pink aisle” in every stores’ toy section. You know about it. If you have sons, or no children, you probably cringe a little when you see it out of the corner of your eye, and keep walking. That’s what I used to do. Now, it’s our favorite aisle.
I’ve learned a bit about every toy marketed to young girls. A large portion of which, have been “princess” themed dolls and their paraphernalia lately. Names being inconsequential, the characters are often reduced to the two-year old language of “Blue Princess”, “Pink Princess”, “Yellow Princess”, etc. We all know almost without thinking:

Blue Princess = Cinderella
Pink Princess = Sleeping Beauty
Yellow Princess = Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)

But I will now expose Walt Disney for the scam that he is. Ready for this? Cinderella wears a WHITE dress to the ball. It only LOOKS blue in a few scenes, because of the lighting. Now that you’re either crying on the floor, or at least seated, I have another whammy for you…

Sleeping Beauty wears a BLUE dress for MOST of the movie! (gasp)
The fairies are fighting over what color of dress she should have. It begins pink, and they change back and forth and back and forth (which is how the crow found the cabin in the woods), but eventually it stays BLUE for most of the movie. Until the final scene where they alternate once more, ending in pink as the book closes. But that’s not enough to call it a pink dress. It should be blue. If anything, it should be some sort of color-changing dress in different temperatured waters.

The nerve of those toy companies.


any thoughts?

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