the beef.

So I’ve finally finished with Piper’s book. Honestly, I’m glad I read it. It has quite a bit of decent study on scriptures relevant to the theme of justification, with a variety of approaches to each. But I was a bit disappointed still with how he went about the book. The repetition of statements, of quotes from NT Wright, assumptions he makes about what Wright “would say” about something, and his undercover slams on Wright (disguised as mere “cautionary”) – I really wish the two guys would have just gotten together and written a book on their differing views. It would have been more beneficial, at least to my opinion of John Piper.

If you want to read his book to take a wide array of texts and information and views on the scriptures where Paul or early Christians discuss justification – get it.

But if you’re simply looking for what the MEAT of his problems with Wright come from? Check out pages 174 and 175. The key text is 2 Corinthians 5:21. The key problem is how they both define/interpret “dikaiosune theou” (righteousness of God).

Looking forward to starting NT Wright’s book. Just looking at the table of contents gets me excited that this will be less about defending himself against Piper, or even accusing Piper of bad biblical interpretation and justifying himself, etc…..than it will be just straight up study and exegesis of important scriptures.

That will be refreshing. 🙂


any thoughts?

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