Almost Done.

Continuing to finish John Piper’s Book , I still think he repeats himself WAY too much. He also publishes the same quotes from NT Wright over and over and over again. Seriously. NT Wright should get some royalties off this book, for real.

But there have been a few things worth taking away so far. As I noted previously, he speaks some truth about neophilia becoming more popular these days.

It’s really tough to not skip ahead and grab NT Wrights newest book, (it’s on my shelf, waiting for me) where he defends much of his position on Justification. I try and think of what he may say in regard to much of Piper’s comments, and even scribble notes here and there. I told myself ahead of time I would read the book with an open mind. But the basic mind and heart positions of Piper influence so much of how he views/believes in things.

I would recommend getting Piper’s book, simply because it’s a great collection of some of NT Wrights best quotes.

Although it is beginning to talk about NT Wrights views on how “works” relate to the entire picture of Justification. Our post-post-modern and even simply evangelical protestant view of things emphasizes how much we are saved BY GRACE through faith, and not by works. I know NT Wright mentioned what we DO is very important in “Surprised by Hope“, but hadn’t known how exactly he meshes it all with justification. It’s challenging, but I think I find myself still agreeing with him – but in ways that aren’t easy, but are helpful….to what God is doing in and through me.

If that makes sense. 🙂

I’m sure I’ll post more before the book is completely finished.


any thoughts?

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