honest sentimentality

“Aww, look at her face. She’s so cute. You know (I just read your hospital chart, and noticed you’re a youth pastor so I’m going to say something religious here that I wouldn’t normally say to people cause it might be offensive), I don’t get how anyone can look at the face of a baby, and not believe in God.” (shaking her head slightly and smiling)

We smiled politely, and nodded a bit. Our main goal at that point was to get some lab work done on our daughters’ jaundice level. So we weren’t looking to have a conversation on how God reveals Himself through the faces of babies. In fact, on the spot I caught myself with an urge to make fun of her comment. It went something like…”really? have you SEEN some babies out there?” Or….”have you seen the face of a baby penguin? they’re pretty darned Godly too.”

But that’s just years of cynicism against cute Christian sentimentality fighting against the honesty hidden behind her statement.

I do believe God is revealing Himself through all things created, not least of which includes my daughters. I believe God CAN use ANYTHING to awaken a connection to His Spirit, including a contorted and innocent face of a crying or content baby, or even a blade of grass blowing in the wind.

At the same time, I don’t think a cute baby is an automatic sign post that God is at work, unless you’re aware of God as creator of that baby. I can understand that someone who doesn’t believe in God can look at a baby and say “wow, cute baby” and that’s it. (or maybe even “mmm, looks tasty“) I suppose I hope/live towards my daughters growing up to speak the language their created selves are already proclaiming quietly.


any thoughts?

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