two is still two. :)

“Do you think that three will do for two, what two did for one?” I asked my wife randomly a week or so ago. We were talking about what life might be like after the arrival of Ruby Anne, our third daughter in less than 3 years.

“I’m not sure, I guess we’ll have to see.” Neither one of us knew what to expect. It was similar to just before the arrival of Sophie Grace, our second daughter, only 15 months before that.

Sophie came. We loved her. We enjoyed being parents of two little girls who were rapidly growing right before our eyes. Life become just a bit larger. Our stroller now fit two. We talked realistically about getting a mini-van. We had one more mouth and personality to fit into any social situation.

But there were occasions. Times where Addie (our first daughter) needed some time alone with one of us. We would work it out so that we each had one child. On those occasions, we realized just how easy we used to have it with one child. We wished we could go back in time, and tell ourselves (me at least) to just relax, and go out and do more…to not feel so limited just because I was a parent now. (Obviously we learned that, having traveled to Hawaii with BOTH girls last summer…we proved we can do quite a bit 😉 )

So it was natural, for me at least, to wonder if upon having three kids, I would realize just how simple it is to have 2 girls out on the town by myself.

Yesterday was our Senior Pastor, Michael Jackson’s last Sunday at our church. I couldn’t expect Sarah/Ruby to come. I also couldn’t expect her to watch the girls all by herself so soon. But most of our babysitters attend the church, and I didn’t want to ask any of them to miss it. So I set off on my own, with both girls – all of us sleep deprived from adding Ruby in the past few days. To endure the crowds of well meaning and loving church family members who had questions and wanted to see pictures, and all the action of a Sunday School sugar loaded cake and donut reception. Whew.

I now stand on the other side of our first outing, and say: Two is still two. 🙂

I love it. But it’s definitely still something I am growing in my abilities with.

any thoughts?

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