Okay…so the night wasn’t a complete success.

The VBS meeting went well…very proud of my wife. I don’t always get to see the “leadership” side of her….but she’s definitely got it. Looking forward to a great VBS this summer. 🙂

Youth Group went okay, I think. A few teens we hadn’t seen in a while, and a couple new ones. Talked about Holy as it applies to buildings/places/moments, and how it changes the way we view/relate to them. Then moved to realizing we’ve each been created to be set apart for God’s use/relationship…and how that should change how we view/relate to each other and ourselves. I really got excited about it, as usual. And maybe one or two teens heard it. hehe…

Then band practice. Nothing extremely new, but we hadn’t practiced in a while…so even the newER stuff needed some work. It was fun. Someday I’ll be that 40 year old guy who pretends he’s still cool, cause he can hold a microphone well. Someday.

Then home to watch the Detroit/Nashville game 4. Sigh. We dominated almost the entire game. Shots on goal. Hits. Penalties. Puck possession. Scoring chances. But the one area we did not dominate in….the score. So it’ll take 6 games for us to win this….still possible. Hasek is good….but Osgood is our hope for the cup. Hopefully this will swing it that direction…:)

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  1. two word: Rusty.


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