Amid all the business, and enjoying my daughters and my wife…I’ve been able to watch a few minutes of the news as well. Here are a few opinions….u’ll either ignore, agree, or disagree with. 🙂 But I figured….ranting is what blogs are for, right?

1. Our Governor and State government is planning on assisting NIU with recovering from the tragedy that occurred a couple weeks ago. I don’t want to sound insensitive…but tearing down a structure that’s obviously still usable, and giving $40 Million Dollars in State Assistance to construct a building that will no doubt be way too ornate seems a bit over the top. I can understand a memorial, and offering counseling to families and students, and changing security measures, etc…..but a $40 Million building??? I thought that was for rich private Universities who are trying to show how much God has blessed them? There are many other necessary State projects that could use that funding, that will probably be set aside. If we tear down every building a shooting occurs in or near…the years ahead could be expensive. Let’s set a precedence of healing people, not million dollar structure renovations. Still, if I was a student or family member close to someone who had been shot….would I want to see the Hall torn down? Yeah…probably. But a flashy new building would remind me just as much, what had occurred there.

2. The State of Illinois is trying to lower the voting age to 17. The article linked explains it better. But it doesn’t sound like they’re actually researching people who work with 17 year-olds on a regular basis. Sounds like politicians racing to be “the first”, or “the hippest” state. I’m not even sure most 26 year olds should be allowed to decide the future these days. I think there are a few 18 and 17 year olds who stand out in a crowd…but overall, I think at 18, the voting age is already allowing plenty of people who are swayed by commercials and appearances on talk shows. We don’t need Nickelodeon adding to the 20+ debates we’ve had to endure already this political season. Let’s work on educating our youth, and getting the average American more involved in how our world happens.

3. The economy. Oh man, if you’re watching the financial portions of most news shows, you’ve heard about the people who are panicking, not panicking, and just talking about the status of our economy. What’s the answer? Somehow “boost” the economy? Pass out checks to everyone, hoping the “dimwitted” general public will simply pour the dollars back into stuff they don’t need? (they’ll probably buy from overseas anyways) Cut the Federal rate, so that it’s easier for us to buy stuff we don’t need, with money we don’t have? If ever we’ve had an illustration that the “buy more” mentality has infected us…..it’s now. Seriously friends…don’t wait until Christmas this year to give to charities, and talk about spending less money on stuff you don’t need. Our world needs us to change our lifestyles….now. (and buy some canned foods, just in case…hehe)

Those are just a few things my mind can throw up onto my blog right now. Hopefully they make sense….they do in my head.

Also, if you live in the Decatur area….please get online and fill out our city’s new survey...get involved in your neighborhood!!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. 1. I completely agree with you. The money should go toward helping the victims’ families and supporting the students and faculty. People die in buildings all over the world, but do they tear every one of them down? 2. When I was 17 I thought I knew everything, so I would have enjoyed being able to vote. That said, I think it’s better to leave it at 18. I don’t agree with raising the voting age, because if you’re old enough to fight in a war you’re old enough to vote for the people who send you to war. 3. The Lord will provide. Great post!


  2. great post. i espesically appreciated the between the legs shot at oli-tech.just an fyi, i posted a link to this on my blog. i thought it was well said and i wanted others to see it (all three of my readers).also, i don’t know why you are about this yo gabba gabba thing. it’s weird. oh wait. i’m talking about wick. never mind.


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