50th Post!

Congrats friends, it’s my official 50th post (on this website)!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with friends and family….relax, watch some football, eat some pie, read a fiction book…drink some coffee.

Those are my plans….and I’ve begun the day watching Elmo with my daughter, because I woke her up when I got up to use the restroom. (don’t drink 3 glasses of water just prior to going to bed) Oh man….she LOVES Elmo. Although I think I’m getting her sufficiently hooked on “Yo, Gabba Gabba” also!

Check out the video evidence…as she gets out her wiggles…

Been putting together our Conference Youth Website this week, and planning for a Senior High retreat in January….pretty stoked to be involved in all of it!

Post-thanksgiving means preparation for Christmas! In advent of Advent this week…we’ll be putting a few lights up outside, a few wreaths around the house, etc. We’re not getting a tree this year, but a friend Ashley has hooked us up with a $5 ex-display tree from JC Penney’s. 7.5 foot tall, Pre-lit and pre-decorated, and pre-assembled. And did I mention $5? Cause if I’m going to sacrifice my integrity with a fake “tree”…it’d better be cheap and easy. 🙂

Anyways…have a great Thanksgiving…and we’ll see you on the other side!!!

One response to this post.

  1. What’s funny is that our dogs do the same head-tilting thing when cartoons are on the TV. I’ll have to get the video evidence and post it for you.I’m taking your advice and wrapping presents in newspaper this year to help out the environment, so you can’t make fun of me when your gift is wrapped in a Sears catalog.


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